Strategy in India

He has written many papers and case studies on Strategy in the Indian context besides guest editing special issues of international journals of repute. Following are his two books on Strategy in India.

Strategy in India

India is one of the fastest emerging economies and one after another study has projected India among the leading economies of the future. The role and significance of India in the global economy is increasing continuously. However, there is a dearth of literature on India in management, in general, and in strategy, in particular. This book presents the findings from the research study of the practice of four very important aspects of strategy in the Indian context namely, strategy in India: an overall perspective, competitive strategy, strategic alliances & joint ventures and corporate entrepreneurship. The findings are based on the research study on the Top 100 successful firms from twenty industries in India, including Indian and foreign firms as well as public sector and private sectors firms.This book provides interesting insights on the practice of strategy in India and is a good reference point for anyone interested in strategy in India.

Practice of Corporate Strategy in India

A Research Book Presenting Learnings from Successful Companies

This book shares the findings from research on top 100 biggest firms in India, including eleven biggest subsidiaries of foreign multinationals in India. It shares insights on four very important aspects of corporate strategy namely, Strategic Leadership, Corporate Social Responsibility, Mergers and Acquisitions, and Corporate Governance in the Indian context. This book shares the learning's from the practice of corporate strategy in the biggest firms. It is a good reading for practitioners, academicians, researchers and students for understanding and making successful corporate strategy in the Indian context.