Love Strategy: A New Perspective on Love, Relationships, Life and Strategy.

TLove Strategy FPhe main purpose of this book is to democratize strategy, make it easy to understand for all, and explain it through the emotion of love… something most people associate with. It explains fifty strategic concepts from strategy formulation to implementation to evaluation using a funny campus love story.

A byproduct is to expose the reader to the possibility of using strategic concepts for finding love and maintaining and nurturing love relationships. Not only love, the concepts of strategy can be applied to fitness, friendship, marriage, family, kids, career, investments or any aspect of life and overall life itself using the workbook given in the book.

Strategy as a concept has great potential to make life much more meaningful and beautiful. The book is simple, short, engaging, interesting, and comprehensive.

Select Praise for Love Strategy

"I enjoyed reading the manuscript of Rajesh Pillania’s book.  He illustrates Strategy by applying it to personal life.  He addresses young people, who can benefit longest.  He takes one of the two crucial strategic choices that the young have to make --- spouse; and career.  He manages to illustrate almost all the concepts and models in the management literature on strategy formulation; implementation; and results.  He gives examples of both an ethical, effective strategy of love; and a manipulative, ineffective approach.  The book is simple; but, not simplistic.  It is humorous, but not flippant.  I wish him and the book all success; and even more success for young readers in starting happy marriages; and for older readers to enhance the joy in their marriages."

Padma Bhushan Dr. Mrityunjay Athreya, Ph.D. (Harvard)
Independent Management Advisor, New Delhi
Ex-IIM Kolkata; and London Business School.

"It is a witty and insightful book explaining Strategic Management in a manner which all of us can easily relate to. Readers of this innovative book will have fun and learn about strategy at the same time. Prof Pillania has taken the subject out of the hallowed (and often drab) confines of ivory tower and classrooms and democratized it in the true sense of the term."

Prof Harsh V Pant,
Head of Strategic Studies, Observer Research Foundation, New Delhi and Professor of International Relations, King's College London, UK.

"Rajesh Pillania’s “Love Strategy” has two fold objectives: to demystify strategy and also to provide a framework for applying strategic approaches to your personal life.

Set in an academic background, the approaches used by the protagonists in seeking “love” are used to illustrate a wide range of strategic concepts starting with Mission and Vision to strategic alignment, the McKinsey 7 S framework of strategy and many more.

Also, as Rajesh highlights, these concepts of strategy can be applied not only to love but to fitness, friendship, marriage, family, kids, career, investments or any aspect of life and overall life itself.

“Love Strategy” is easy to read and written in a humorous style."

Mr. Ashok Soota
Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds Technologies Pvt Ltd.
President, Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)(2002-03).

"This is the coolest strategy book I've read. The idea of illustrating a whole array of management concepts through a love story on a B-School campus is brilliant! Left to me, I would make this a text book in the second term of management education... If you are already a practitioner, no better way to refresh yourself than reading just this one book. Will spare you the cost of an MDP."

Mr. S Sivakumar,
Divisional Chief Executive, Agri Business Division, ITC.

"Love Strategy makes strategy easy and communicates core principles in an engaging and fun way. It democratizes strategy in an innovative way."

Professor Jochen Wirtz,
Author of “Winning in Service Markets”, National University of Singapore, Singapore.

"This is an unusual book on Strategy that applies the concepts of Strategic Management to one of life's most important aspects, Love. I would like to compliment the author for taking up this onerous work that is unique and very unconventional. It is written very lucidly and in simple language. I would especially recommend it to young MBA students."

Prof. Shekhar Chaudhuri,
Former Director, IIM Calcutta.
Former Professor, Business Policy, IIM Ahmedabad.
Director and Chair Professor in Strategic Management, Calcutta Business School.

"Rajesh Pillania's book is a delightful and amusing read about stratagems for individual relationships derived from strategy concepts meant for organisations. It is also a reminder of how campus life in business schools is much more than courses and grades and may well be the world's most sought after dating and mating platform of our times. It is written mindfully with wit and purpose."

Professor Ajeet Mathur,
Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, India.

"Strategy can simply be seen as a plan of action framed keeping in mind an organisation’s mission and vision. Due to its importance, many thinkers and strategists have written extensively on strategy and so management practitioners and students often find it difficult to understand the myriad concepts of strategy and eventually struggle to implement them. Rajesh in his book – Love Strategy has brought out the core concepts of strategy in a fun, simple and extremely engaging way. I really enjoyed reading the book and I think it is a great read for youngsters as it is written in a way that they can relate to immediately and so the core concepts of strategy will be retained by them."

Mr. Sundar Mahalingam,

HCL Strategy Officer, HCL Corp and Shiv Nadar Foundation.

"It’s an enjoyable reading explaining complex concepts of Strategic Management in a simple and conversational manner taking the context of love, which influences each one of us. I compliment the author for the bold attempt and wish the same will be received in the right spirit by the readers."

Professor Sushil,
Department of Management Studies, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Delhi, India.