Democratising Strategy

Pizzaisation of Management Education
Tragedy of Treating Students as Customers!

Globally, for last few decades there is a big question mark on the real value addition by MBA degree holders! Questions are asked even on the MBA degree itself. Business schools are making efforts to add more value to the MBA program and to the MBA students. To balance it out, many MNCs are hiring non-MBAs as well.

The scene is not different in India. Infact it is much worse in India as many companies after hiring MBAs are realizing the lack of right knowledge and skills and on top of that a strange attitude or entitlement desired because of having an MBA tag!

This is a serious issue and business schools and MBA students need to look into it seriously for their own long term interests. A MBA degree is of no use or good, if it can’t add value at the end of the day.

The strategic humour story “Pizzaisation of Management Education: Tragedy of Treating Students as Customers!” shares the tragedy of treating students as customers in some management schools and interesting attitude of some MBA students!

Here, have a look!






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