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Vision and Mission Statements
The Funny Business of New Year Resolutions!

It has become trendy to have written vision and mission statements in increasing number of organizations in India. This is a good development as it provides clarity, motivation and a direction to your people and also conveys a message to other stakeholders.

However there are many problems as observed in many organizations, particularly in the Indian context. One major problem is the written vision and mission statements are too long and trying to say too many things e.g. look at the vision or mission statement of any public sector unit. In majority of the cases, the statements are too long sometimes running into more than one page.

For this problem, one solution is to look at your vision and mission statements as your elevator speech i.e. they should be brief and memorable but convey the essence. The details of how you are going to achieve should be left to the detailed strategy document.

The strategic humour story “Vision and Mission Statements: The Funny Business of New Year Resolutions!” shares the right approach for vision and mission statements in the organizations.

Here, have a look!





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