Startup Strategy Humour

Startup Strategy Humour: Democratizing Startup Strategy brings a fresh, innovative and a bit funny perspective to the subject by using a cartoon, conversation and story format to explain startup strategy concepts in a user friendly, easy to understand, easy to relate, easy to remember, and application oriented way. It democratizes startup strategy and takes it to masses. The book is a good read for anyone interested in startups or entrepreneurship. It is widely appreciated both by academicians and industry professionals including many founders.

A great primer for start ups. 30 concepts have been taken up and explained in the most innovative way. The book covers most of the situations start ups likely to face and gives solutions while asking some questions too. A must read for start ups and those aspiring to start their own venture.

Padma Bhushan Mr. Ajai Chowdhry

Founder – HCL

Startup Humour is a useful roadmap for those interested on a start-up trek. Through a mix of illustrations, role plays and lessons from the real and movie-world, this book scopes out some of the challenges and opportunities that entrepreneurs could face when they set up a business for the first time. In an easy and lucid manner, this book inspires, teaches valuable lessons, offers a checklist and provides important reality checks. A must for those willing to take the plunge.

Mr. Sunil Kant Munjal

Chairman, Hero Corporate Services & Jt. MD, Hero MotoCorp Ltd. President, All India Management Association (AIMA) Former Chairman, Confederation of Indian Industries (CII).

In its simplicity the book manages to convey pertinent points. No doubt it's being your own boss is a great vision. And bringing it to life, managing, sustaining, scaling requires your 200% +. Rajesh tries to keep his messaging simple and jargon free so that we can all relate to the challenges that lie ahead.

Ms. Nita Kapoor

CEO, India Digital News Ventures of News Corp ( VCCircle Network & Big Decisions).

Strategic Humour

Strategy is one of the most widely mis-used and mis-understood terms in management. In earlier times, educated priests in India used Sanskrit language as the primary form of all literature. However, this meant that all the information was out of reach for majority of the Indians. Strategy holds a similar position in the literate world today. It is often related as something of interest to a limited few in the top management of organisations. It is often considered a serious and difficult concept.

Strategic Humour is an attempt to democratise strategy and align it to day-to-day concepts in a manner that it would allow a majority of us to relate with it. It adds an element of humour and joy in learning about strategy.It is hilarious, simple, applicable, incisive and good read for corporate executives, academicians, trainers and students.

The book is appreciated by number of corporate professionals, management professors, trainers, researchers and students. A select list of testimonials is given below. “I believe two things can get your message across to any reader…Simplicity and Humour….this book takes a complex concept called Strategy and gives you fifty simple ideas in a humorous way, what a wonderful way to learn and apply in real life!!”

Mr. Piyush Mathur

President India, Nielsen.

“Strategy is an esoteric topic of management, reserved for the elite in management schools. It is most definitely time, that someone thought of bringing it down to earth. I commend my friend, Prof Rajesh Pillania for having attempted this task which is at the same time onerous and sacrilegious. Readers and practitioners both will enjoy reading the book, because it will demystify strategy in their mind. I will hope that Rajesh writes a sequel on Execution, because, as we know, strategy is nothing without execution.”

Mr. Sumit Banerjee

Chairman, Cement Division, Confederation of Indian Industry & Former Vice Chairman Reliance Cement and Former Managing Director, ACC Limited.

“When I first heard that Rajesh has written a book titled Strategic Humour, I was literally amused. Strategy & Humour - how are they related! However after reading the introductory stories I realized how wrong I was. Rajesh has explained the dry and complicated concepts related to Organization strategy in a very light and amusing fashion which lets anyone who may have little or nothing to do with management grasp the topic well. A great read.”

Mr. Vinod Sood

Managing Director, Hughes Systique, India.

The concept of strategy is centuries old. However, business strategy field has come into picture mainly in the last century. Strategy in business literature is a relatively newer term and is still evolving. In the 1960s the focus was on long range planning, in 1970s on portfolio approach, in 1980s on competitive strategy and in 1990s on core competencies and resource based view of the firm. For the major part of the last century the focus of business strategy has been primarily on the USA, Western Europe and Japan and in their context. It is understandable because firstly, Europe had taken lead in the Industrial Revolution and USA became the dominant economic power post World War II followed by Western Europe and
later joined by Japan.

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